Top 5 Pattaya Travel Tips To Consider

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October 22, 2019
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October 22, 2019

Top 5 Pattaya Travel Tips To Consider

Pattaya is many people’s preferred destination when traveling to Thailand.

This is evident by the huge tourist numbers that throng the place for holidays every year. The city has grown, thanks to the visits. It has a wide selection of social amenities, eateries, hotels, ATMs and many other facilities.

A visit to Pattaya will therefore be an exciting adventure for you. To ensure that your Pattaya trip gives you optimum fulfillment, here are some things you may want to consider.

– Security

Pattaya is a great place that has attracted different people from all aspects of life. Known as a hub of foreigners and a relatively safe place, it’s still important that you take some precautions to avoid being targeted by thieves and con artists.

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If visiting, avoid walking with valuables and displaying cash carelessly. Instead, consider carrying most of your cash through cards especially now that a majority of establishments accept moneyless transactions.

– Travel documents

Countries have different entry requirements depending on the laws and agreement with other countries. It is essential to familiarize yourself with Thai travel laws, understand, and get all the necessary travel documents needed.

As a foreigner, make sure you carry your identification card at all times. This is vital since should anything happen, it is easy to get assisted.

– Budget

Anyone planning to travel needs to have a specific amount of money allocated for the same. A budget should be clearly drawn and adhered to. When out and about, chances are one may get carried away and spend more than what was intended. It is crucial to have a budget guide to keep you in check and stick to it.

– Weather

Check the seasons, predicted weather, and general meteorological advice of your destination in advance. This not only ensures that you carry the right clothes for the weather but also appropriate accessories. As such, you’ll be able to dress appropriately for the time you’re on your visit.

– Culture and language

Familiarize yourself with the Thai culture for smooth relationships to help you enjoy smooth travel in Pattaya. This helps you know what topics to avoid and generally what can cause rifts or even fights. Politics is one topic any foreigner should not indulge in regardless of the country they are visiting.

The people may be accommodating but it would also be nice to respect their space and beliefs. It does not hurt to make more friends, but it definitely leaves a bad impression to severe relationships wherever you go.

It is impossible to learn Thai within days of planning. That said, it is essential to know if there are words or signs that, if used, may be offensive to the locals.


Pattaya is a great tourist spot. However, if you wish to enjoy your stay and travel within the city, it’s important that you do some research about the area, people’s culture, dos and don’ts, among others. The pointers above can help you get prepared for the trip.

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