Why Choose Tom Pattaya Taxi?

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October 22, 2019
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October 22, 2019

Why Choose Tom Pattaya Taxi?

Getting around in a foreign country or city can be a complicated affair. Sometimes it can even seem to be an impossible task. Given that there are many travel service providers, it is essential to carry out some background check on the available taxi services before settling for one.

For this post, we discuss several factors that can guide you to making the right choice of taxi services when in Pattaya.

– Charges

Most companies adhere to the price guides stipulated by the various bodies governing them. The variance in charges between different taxi services may therefore be negligible. Few individuals, however, outrageously exaggerate their prices. If you know how much the average taxi costs, then it will help to act as your guide. Bargaining skills may also save you some few coins.

– Availability

When traveling, it is impossible to rule out delays. Different factors beyond an individual come to play. A taxi company that can accommodate its client and create room for the unexpected without passing the waiting cost to the customer is often a plus. Availability of the transport services is also vital. The company should be available all round the clock and be easily accessible too.

– Type of cars used

The type of fleet available for the taxi company is another major factor to consider when choosing a taxi service. Indeed, your specific needs and budget will in most cases help in guiding on the type of car to settle for. For example, if you have bulky luggage, a car with a big boot to fit your luggage will be more ideal. If you’re traveling in the company of a few other people, then a bigger car will be necessary.

Your budget also directly determines what type of the car you can book. A taxi service company should be able to cater for anyone across the divide in need of their services.

– Terms of service

Any good business should be sensitive to its customers’ needs. To satisfy the client is the goal of every business. The taxi company’s terms of service should therefore be tailored to accommodate all its clients’ needs. For example, a client who does not understand Thai may need a driver who can speak and understand English (or any other client’s language) at no extra charge.

As such, before booking a Pattaya taxi service, seek to understand what exactly the company’s package entails.

– Reviews and reputation

The internet has made information easily accessible and turned the world into one small village. With the click of a button, anyone can gather a lot of information about a company as they wish. Looking at the reviews of clients who have been served by the taxi services will definitely help you make a more-informed decision regarding whether to use the taxi service or not.


By making the right choice for your taxi service in Pattaya, you will not only save you time and money but also ensure that you and your belongings are safe.

Are you looking for a taxi service that fits the description above? Tom Taxi is here to offer you highly convenient and affordable services whenever you’re traveling to or within Pattaya and Bangkok. Contact us today for an unforgettable travel experience!

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