6 Things You Should Know Before Riding a Taxi for the First Time

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October 22, 2019
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6 Things You Should Know Before Riding a Taxi for the First Time

Are you planning to take a taxi ride for the first time perhaps?

Well, chances are high that you’ve only seen a taxi on TV, movies or perhaps heard your friends tell stories about traveling in them. If so, we’ve listed some valuable tips regarding the key things you should know before booking a taxi for an enjoyable first-time experience.

1. Call Ahead

Riding a cab for the first time can be very intimidating especially if you’re visiting a destination you’ve not been to in the past. Rather than just standing and waving and even missing various taxis, it’s recommended that you call the company offering the taxi service and ask them to send a taxi to your location. This prevents embarrassments and unnecessary delays. Additionally, you get time to enquire about a few things such as fare and the timing.

2. Know the Taxi Company’s Name

This is vital because emergencies occur in between the travel. Knowing the name of the company will help you report the issue to the right people. You can also ask the driver of the taxi about the name of the company and type the name down to be on a safer side. Ensure that you note down the taxi’s number and the name taxi driver also. This is important because you may forget things in the taxi and it becomes easier to track them back.

3. Know Your Destination Ahead of Time

While planning to visit a city, it’s important that you know the address of the location and provides the taxi’s driver with those details. This may be knowing the things like landmarks in the place just in case the driver is not well- conversant with the location. Try using your phone GPS in case the driver is also not well-conversant with the place.

4. Only Use Licensed Taxis

There are illegal taxi drivers everywhere who drive illegal taxis and may be looking for desperate travelers. As such, they tend to go against the normal regulations of cab drivers and even charge outrageous cab fares. Licensed taxis need to have a license sticker and meter. Check the details on the rear window. This will help you to know the vehicle’s certification.

5. Never Board a Taxi Before Agreeing on your Fare

There are two types of fare; negotiated fare and metered fare. If the fare is negotiable, make sure you get inside the cab only after you’ve agreed on the exact amount to pay in the end. It may turn sour after traveling just a few miles away when the driver asks for shocking amounts

6. Remove Your Belongings First

Some cabbies will rarely remind you to remove your belongings; maybe they’re forgetful. They will accidently drive off before you’ve removed your bags from the trunk. As such, the wisest way to solve this is to avoid putting your luggage in the trunk and instead placing them at the backseat. However, sometimes space might be limited thereby forcing you to put them in the trunk. If this is the case, ensure that you remove your items from the cab first before paying the fare to avoid runaway suitcases and backpacks.


Scary stories will often make you think that traveling in a taxi is not safe. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. Contact trusted taxi companies such as Tom Taxi Service if you’re in Pattaya for a smooth, convenient ride around destinations in Thailand. We offer you some of the best Pattaya travel services in the country. Try us today and you won’t regret it!