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Let’s face it. When you contact a Pattaya taxi company, you want a service provider that’s dependable and very professional in all its dealings. Besides, you need your ride to be offered by knowledgeable and courteous drivers who guide you during your transfers and value your time. Most importantly, you need these services to be delivered at affordable rates.

Thankfully, Tom Taxi is here to offer you these exact services and at incredibly reasonable prices whenever you’re touring Pattaya and other cities in Thailand. Our unwavering commitment to offering professional and superior taxi services is what has enhanced our position as the best Pattaya taxi company for a while now.

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As such, any time you contact us to offer you cab services in Thailand, we can bet that you will see our dedication to excellence in all that we partake. Our services are guided by an excellent track record that’s based on our belief that clients’ needs and preferences should at all times precede ours.

With us, we believe that you will have a really hard time trying to point out which aspect of our services is most outstanding; from our incredibly quick responses, to an excellent fleet of well-maintained cars, and our commitment to ensuring our customers are satisfied with what we offer them.

Our clients comprise government agencies, business service companies, public authorities, travel agencies, multinational retailers and suppliers, sports clubs, and legal practices among others.


Pattaya Taxi Start

Pattaya Taxi Start



3-4 persons + normal luggage.
Pattaya Taxi Start

Pattaya Taxi Start



4-5 persons + normal luggage.

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Our Services/Routes

Local taxi services in Pattaya/Bangkok

Heading to a bar or just somewhere locally in either of these two towns? Simply give Tom Taxi Company a call and a cab will be right at your doorstep ready to transfer you to wherever you need to go. We can offer you a cab service almost to all destinations within Pattaya, Bangkok, and Thailand in general.

Taxi services to the airport

Looking for a reputable Pattaya taxi company that offers flexible, timely, and affordable transfers to and from different airports in Thailand? That’s what Tom Taxi Service is here for. Just give us a call in advance and make your reservations regarding what time to be picked and your destination. We serve various Thai airports and destinations including Pattaya, Bangkok, Don Mueang Airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Koh Chang, U Tapao Airport, and Hua Hin among others.

How to book a Pattaya Taxi

Want to book a taxi from Tom Taxi Service? Call us on +66 982812537 or +66 957155167 or reach us via email on info@tomtaxiservice.com. While at it, request a quote for your journey which will be based on the distance covered to your destination. Normally, we give you fixed guaranteed quotes which means you don’t need to worry about having to pay for more even if you’re stuck in traffic.

If for any reason you experience any issues with your taxi driver, please give us a call via the contact numbers above and we’ll advise accordingly.

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. We hope you enjoy your stay in Thailand!